Transfer units

Transfer units are used for changing the transport direction of a pallet without changing the pallet orientation. The pallet crosses from the roller conveyor section to the chain section (or vice versa) and is not turned. Available in several designs, with either pneumatic or electric lifting of the conveyor section.

transfer unit for palletsThe transfer unit is intended to be used in a combination with chain conveyor. Connecting chain conveyor is placed into two gaps in the lift part allowing the transfer unit to be placed to any spot of the chain conveying system. The independence on the chain driven conveyor is also great benefit for the reliability.

The lifting device is driven by 1,1 kW electrical engine and the lifting is achieved by eccentrical wheels. For reliable function, the chain conveyor height has to be 25 mm lower than the connecting roller conveyor.

Technical specification

Roller type:Interroll, ∅ 88,9 x 2,9 - 5/8" - B15
Roller step:103,2 mm
Transmission:Roll-to-roll Chain loops S 5/8"
Conveying width (mm):1.100 (1.300 optional)
Conveyor length (mm):  930 mm
Externity rollers are non-driven
Minimum TOR (top of roll):500 mm
Maximum TOR (top of roll):700 mm
Frame:Hot dip galvanized – 5 mm thick plate
Maximum load:1.500 kg
Conveying speed:13 m/min (full pallets)
Lifting mechanism:4 eccentric wheels driven by an electric motor
Lifting position:controlled by a proximity switch.
Lifting drive:1,1 kW R57 motor with brake.
Standard lifting time:1,3 s
Lifting stroke:62 mm
Height difference between roller and chain required:25 mm