Roller conveyors

A modular conveyor system used for lengthwise transport of pallets. Designed for empty or full pallets with loads up to 1.500 kg. Available with a range of accessories to suit your systems requirements.

Straight roller conveyor is a basic part of our modular conveyor system. It is standardly produced in 4 different lengths, giving the ability to cover any distance needed. The design is heavy and robust – perfectly suited for the industrial environment. Five millimeter thick steel is used for the frame with hot dip galvanizing as a standard surface treatment method. Close roller pitch allows for smooth pallet conveying as well as equal load distribution.

Technical specification

Roller type:Interroll, ∅ 88,9 x 2,9 - 5/8" - B15
Roller step:127 mm
Transmission:Roll-to-roll Chain loops S 5/8"
Conveying width (mm):1.100 (1.300 and 900 optional)
Conveyor length (mm):  1.522
Minimum TOR (top of roll):Motor on top: 150 mm
Motor underneath: 400 mm
Standard TOR:400 to 700 mm by steps of 50 mm
Frame:Hot dip galvanized – 5 mm thick plate
Standard motor placement:Underneath
Maximum load:1.500 kg
Drive:SEW gear motor – transmission to rollers with chain loop over 2 rollers and motor.
Motor underneath:RF27 type – 0,37 kW
Motor on top:SF47 type – 0,55 kW
Standard speed:13 m /min (full pallets)
20 m /min (empty pallets)

Optional features

Standard conveyors come with a standard set of optional features. These include devices for pallet stopping, centering and aligning, which are important for various operations in the line. Reduced frame height enables roping for the wrapper – another option is to use a pallet lifting device. To allow safe crossing, step-over plates can be easily installed. For some installations, motors can be placed on top, instead of underneath the conveyor, which allows placing the frame directly on the ground.

  • pallet conveyorsStep-over plates (set of 7 plates)
  • Motor on top
  • Low frame version for integration under wrapping machine – ½” transmission
  • Inside-wrapper pallet lifting device
  • Empty pallet centering or aligning device
  • Full pallet (1.500 kg) centering
  • Full pallet alignment – 1 side
  • Full pallet stop – pneumatic
  • Fixed end stop


The controls are simplified in a way that each module is designed to convey one pallet at a time. It means the same logic as with the motorroller case conveyors. Short sections are ideal for buffer, while long sections are suitable for long range transport. Scott is able to provide full installation support including electrical equipment, cabling and programming.