Chain conveyors

A modular conveyor system used for crosswise transport of pallets. Designed for empty or full pallets with loads up to 1.500 kg. Available with a range of accessories to suit your systems requirements.

The chain conveyor is another crucial product in Scott standard pallet circle. Whenever a quiet and especially robust pallet transport solution is required, the chain conveyor is a perfect choice. Quiet in operation, easy on maintenance and gentle for the load, while keeping maximal simplicity makes it a perfect product for any pallet handling operation.

Technical specification

Chain type:Duplex 5/8’’
Chain guiding:Polyamide guiding strips
Transmission:Roll-to-roll Chain loops S 5/8"
Conveying width (mm):1.100 (1.300 optional)
End sprockets:  Ø 105 mm, smooth
Standard TOC (top of chain):450 to 700 mm
Frame:Hot dip galvanized – 4mm thick profile
Maximal load: 1.500 kg per pallet
7.000 kg per drive
Drives and corresponding loads:
V=13m/minFA 37 – 0,55 kW = Load up to 800 kg 
FA 47 – 0,75 kW = Load up to 1.200 kg
FA 67 – 2,2 kW = Load up to 3.600 kg 
FA 77 – 4 kW = Load up to 7.000 kg 
V=20m/minFA 37 – 0,75 kW = Load up to 800 kg 
FA 47 – 2,2 kW = Load up to 2.400 kg 
FA 67 – 4 kW = Load up to 4.400 kg

Additional elements

The chain conveyors can be outfitted with additional elements.

  • Middle support rollers – support the load in the 3rd line, providing more equal load distribution.
  • Closing plates – enable the operators to walk over the conveyor line.
  • Movimot on the motor – for speed adjustments

chain pallet conveyor