Service contracts

Years of proven experience by our service department shows that our customers who consider regular service inspections as a matter of course, have their operational problems reduced to a minimum while greatly extending the service life of the machinery.

The regular service inspections are mostly carried out on the basis of a long term service contract. Our service team, comprised of our most experienced technicians, thoroughly analyse the condition of the equipment on site and recommend how to ensure its further optimal operation.

For detailed information about our emergency and preventive inspections, refer to our Maintenance services page.

Generally, the checks focus especially on:

  • Wear of the moving parts of the machine
  • Correct sensor settings
  • Overall machine adjustment for the smoothest possible operation

The inspection also includes thorough maintenance and replacement of the standard range of consumable spare parts. Smaller repairs are made immediately but where more serious defects are found, we will arrange for the further supply of parts and their installation.

Scott Automation has currently service contracts with most of its customers including many AAA companies.