Project videos

Our extensive product portfolio and unique expertise in designing and delivering advanced materials handling systems is best demonstrated in the videos of selected finished projects below.

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Multi-line palletising

Multi-line palletising system for boxes of frozen vegetables (Westfro)

Multi-line palletising system for dairy products (SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy)

Fully automatic multi-line palletising system for cases (bakery products)

Automatic multi-line palletising system for cases of potato products (Pomuni)

Multi-line palletising system for cartons, trays and bins (Royal A-ware)

Multi-line palletisation of cases and robot palletiser for frozen bags of vegetables (CGS)

Multi-line palletising system for cartons (Burts Snacks)

New Pal 4.0 Continuous - factory demo (Clarebout)

Multi-line palletising system for cases of potato products (Lamb Weston Meijer)

Multi-line palletising system for cases of bakery products (Vandemoortele)

End-of-line palletising

End-of-line palletising project with Pal 4.0 and double infeed (food products)

Hybrid palletising system for cases of butter (Müller UK)

High capacity palletising system for trays of dairy products (FrieslandCampina)

Automatic palletising system for returnable baskets (Morrisons UK)

Multiple end-of-line palletiser project for dairy products (FrieslandCampina)

Next Generation Palletiser Pal 4.0 (factory demo)

Robotic palletising

Robotic end-of-line palletising system for cases (Vandemoortele)

Compact robot palletising system for cases (personal hygiene products)

Robot palletising system for carton cases (printer toners)

Internal transport and palletising system for bins (Volys)

Automatic pallet and tray handling system (Colruyt)

Depalletising and sorting system for plastic totes (Franky Fresh Food)

Centralised robotic palletising solution

Collaborative robot palletiser (factory demo)

Logistics and distribution

Automated order preparation system for military logistics facility (ELOCA Châtres, France)

Parcel handling and sorting system (Belgian Post)

Automated order picking system for boxes and plastic crates (Santens)

Automated Pick and Pack order picking system (Doyen Auto)

Order preparation system in Click & Collect warehouse (Leclerc)

Mini load storage and sorting system for parcels (Clarins)

Packing and sorting line for carton boxes (Atlas Copco)

Inbound and outbound logistics system for car tires (Deldo)