Pallet wrappers

Palletising done often doesn´t mean the pallet with products is ready to endure a transport by truck. For further stabilizing and securing items on pallet, Scott integrates wrapping equipment from proven OEM manufacturers.

Pallet wrapperWe can deliver wrapping solutions with throughput from 10 to 150 pallets per hour. Especially with higher speeds, wrapping is a dangerous operation that must be done in a safety zone and many details must be designed carefully so that the system meets all capacity, safety and easy maintenance requirements. 

Basically there are four types of wrappers:

  • Semi-automatic ones such as you find in most warehouses
  • Machines where the film stays put and the pallet turns – this is usually a bit slow and for sure not recommended for unstable loads for obvious reasons
  • Pallet wrapperMachines where an arm rotates around the pallet
  • Machines where the film is fixed on a ring and with this runs around the pallet

The last mentioned ring wrappers are the fastest ones. They can be fitted with dual heads making them even faster. In some cases the film roll can be replaced automatically as an option. The wrapper can also place a top sheet or a top film.