Pallet handling peripherals

Safe and efficient use of pallets within the internal logistics system requires systems for empty pallet stacking and checking. Scott integrates both empty pallet stackers/dispensers and pallet quality inspectors.

Empty pallet stackers

Empty pallet stackerPallet stackers/dispensers are used for feeding individual pallets at the palletiser input or pallet stacking after depalletising. The dispensers may be also used for pallet accumulation between palletiser and depalletiser. Available in various designs to suit each customers application.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Robust construction ensuring maximum stiffness and longevity
  • Easy maintenance

Pallet inspectors

Pallet inspectorThe empty pallet inspectors are intended for checking pallet integrity and dimensions. They are usually used together with a bad pallet magazine or a discarding pallet conveyor. The check is performed inline, e.g. pallets do not need to stop.


  • Reliable detection of damaged pallets
  • Automatic operation
  • Several designs available for various applications