Collaborative palletisers

Is your palletising line too small to fully automate? Is your production area overcrowded? Do you need to improve your ROI? The collaborative robot (Cobot) palletiser is for you!

Collaborative palletiser SCOTT

Key benefits

  • Up to 5 cases per minute
  • Up to 10 kg payload
  • Maximum full pallet height (incl. pallet) 2,400 mm
  • Only 3 m2 footprint
  • Safety fencing not required
  • Simple to set up
  • Suitable for all standard pallet sizes (EUR, ISO, Australian...)
  • EasyPatt pallet builder software included
Collaborative palletizer by SCOTT

The space taken is reduced to the bare minimum needed.
In fact a human operator often takes up more space than the Cobot unit.


Options available

  • Installation Support
  • Increase speed without compromising safety
  • Free standing or fixed versions available
  • Interlayers available by adding a small magazine

Out of the box

Neat small and out of the box package! Just unpack, assemble, fix in place, connect power and switch on.

All the Cobot units arrive in dedicated packaging making them a truly out of the box solution. The installation involves simply bolting the Cobot to the floor and setting up the case pick up point. Then just define the patterns and start palletising!


The EasyPatt HMI is a user friendly and pleasant to work with interface. Set the pattern in the HMI or let the Cobot create it for you. The collaborative palletiser will then automatically build it.

Creating new patterns has never been easier. Using the EasyPatt tool, you can either drag & drop the boxes creating a pattern yourself or let the EasyPatt generate the pattern for you. The Cobot will then prepare the preset pattern.

The controls are provided by an industrial PC enabling endless possibilities for the connectivity of other devices, paving a smooth way for IOT solutions.