Palletising systems

Palletising system by AlveyWe have been palletising for major customers in the last 50+ years. It is therefore not very likely that you have something that we cannot palletise – at least if anyone can palletise it. From single-line palletisers to very complex multi-line systems, our solutions will bring maximum functionality. Utilizing either conventional or robot palletisers, flexibility can be achieved even at high capacities.

Palletisation requires high diversity and flexibility in nearly every industry. Specially designed Scott solutions offer wide versatility and applicability. Our systems perform faultlessly in demanding conditions – for example, in environments with extreme temperatures. For each sector, we develop a solution that meets the most stringent requirements. Our challenge is to find solutions that are as simple as possible for sometimes extremely complex challenges.

Each installation has its own challenges. There can be demand for high capacity, the project can be very complex, it can entail multi-line or single line systems, and combinations of all of these things.

In any case, the solutions can be implemented under the most demanding conditions, such as:

  • Deepfreeze -30°C
  • Demanding products and/or packagings
  • Conducting projects in full production and/or under great time pressure