Maintenance services

Scott maintenance services ensure that customer´s equipment remains in optimal technical condition during its whole life cycle. We offer maintenance contracts tailor made to your needs and requirements.

Emergency maintenance inspections

This service guarantees that in case of emergency, our service team will repair and restore normal operation of the system in a short guaranteed period. Its duration is agreed individually in a special service contract. This gives the customer assurance that any defect will have minimal impact on his production.

  • Expert diagnostics - Upon detection or suspicion of possible failure, we establish a diagnosis to define the type of intervention or maintenance to implement
  • Fast response - We make every effort to respond promptly to your site. Depending on the urgency and destination, we use the means of transport best suited
  • Competence - For service interventions, we will endeavour to send the engineers most familiar with your installation.

Preventive maintenance inspections

Preventive maintenance inspectionsWe offer a maintenance plan tailored to your needs and specifics of your installation. These inspections help detect small defects early and prevent them from developing into serious faults.

  • Audit - As the first step, our technician will visit your factory and perform a thorough inspection of the machinery, make a detailed analysis of its state and suggest appropriate maintenance actions.
  • Preventive maintenance - After that, our service team will plan, prepare and implement all actions suggested by the audit and agreed by the customer.


  • Increasing lifetime of your installation
  • Decreasing risk of failure, improving safety
  • Preventing costly corrective maintenance work
  • Avoiding increased energy consumption
  • Improving staff working conditions 
  • Reducing the maintenance budget