Automatic storage and picking system

Automatic system for storage and supply of goods to an assembly shop. The solution was designed to meet special requirements: just in time delivery, order changes in less than 15 minutes and minimum of storage in the assembly area. It is installed in a sheltered workshop specialised in supply chain delivery of finished and semi-finished products for various industries (metal, wood, assembly).

Project layout



Plastic bins


2 types: 400 x 300 mm and 600 x 400 mm


  • Overview

  • Inbound assembly parts in bins are stored by means of a mini load stacker crane.
  • Storage of bins in a flow through rack (8640 bins in 864 lanes).
  • Order preparation by means of a pick-to-light system at the outbound side.
  • Automatic check weighing for outbound.
  • Whole system is managed by Scott Maestro+ software.