Hygienic paper

We palletise hygienic paper such as baby diapers in the Netherlands, in Poland, in Germany and in Russia. No mother will ever buy a pack of diapers with a dent or a scratch, so that here as in many other places GENTLE handling - despite high throughput - is absolutely essential. In this industry - even more then elsewhere - reliability of the system and absence of downtime are critical.


  • Asaleo Care
  • Essity Germany
  • Essity Netherlands
  • Essity Poland
  • Essity Russia
  • Ontex

Case Studies

Multi-line palletisation of boxes

Since 2001, Scott installed several palletising systems for the leading manufacturer of hygienic paper and personal care products. The systems are...


Game changing benefits from creative and compact palletising cell

Scott has recently finalised and installed the new Compact Robot Palletising System for a leading personal hygiene company in Australia, supplying a...