Automated warehouse for trays with linen

The automated solutions in the hospital laundries sector allow the provision of functions including collection of linen from the ironing and folding train, transfers towards the inspection and identification stations, putting the linen piles on trays, the distribution of the piles of linen in a multi-tiered storage rack and also, the automatic preparation of the equipments.


  • Overview

Automatic storage warehouse

The transtocker tidies up the linen trays in the assigned corridors.

Working principle:

The piles of linen are automatically loaded on trays/specific supports as soon as they leave the production devices.

The trays of linen are identified (bar code reader, RFID…) and loaded up on the transtocker.

The transtocker moves all along its aisle and feeds the gravity ramps assigned by the IT system.

Items slide on the wheel gravity ramps and pile up one behind the other, waiting to be picked up.

The destocking for the equipment preparation can be done in 2 ways:

  • Manually: the operators pick up directly the linen on the trays at the end of the gravity ramp.
  • Automatically: a second transtocker picks up the linen trays, depending on the missions given by the IT system, and put them down on a way-out conveyor.

Manual storage warehouse

The operator tidies up the linen trays in the delimited corridors.

Working principle:

The trays, full of linen, are laid down at the multi-tiered storage entrance by the operators, in the corresponding gravity corridor.

At the corridor’s end, the operator takes back manually the trays.

Additional equipment

Automatic tray destacker 

  • The piles of trays are placed in the destacker with the help of a trolley.
  • The trays are destacked one by one on the way-out conveyor and carried towards the production devices to be loaded.


Specific support tray for the folded linen piles handling in the warehouse.

Maestro supervisor

Supervision package software used to maintain the interface with the superior level and the automatic storage installation driving.