Frozen vegetables & potatoes

We are probably the market leader in Europe in this highly demanding Industry. The product is obviously delicate and the packaging a challenge to palletise. We also do projects in production preparation such as transport, emptying and cleaning large crates with frozen vegetables. We can install systems in -30°C with which we have many years experience.


  • Ardo Dujardin
  • McCain
  • Bergia Frites
  • Mydibel
  • Clarebout
  • Pasfrost
  • Farm Frites 
  • Pinguin
  • Lamb Weston Meijer

Case Studies

Multi-line palletisation of frozen potatoes

Completely automated palletisation of cardboard boxes from 9 production lines with possible expansion to 18 lines.


Multi-line palletisation of frozen vegetables

Fully automated palletisation of cardboard boxes from 7 production lines, with the possibility to expand with 2 extra production lines.


Multi-line palletising system for cases of potato products

Two high capacity Scott palletisers are palletising the flow coming from out of 16 production lines. Loaded pallets are evacuated to a fully...