Czech Republic, Brno

Vila Tugendhat

It is Maarten´s favourite town in the world. He says: "No, it is not as spectacular as Prague but there are very many very beautiful buildings. There are not many tourists but the people in Brno love to be outdoors - even in the (very cold) winters and in the summer there are hundreds of terraces in the very many small and large squares. The center is closed for cars and we have an Opera and a Concert hall, along with many theaters. I believe the Czech people must love theaters. Because Brno is small it just takes 15 minutes from one side to the other, in the center that is. I live there now two years and I still discover new little streets and squares. Of course the most beautiful building of the world, the Tugendhat villa of Mies van de Rohe is in Brno, but you have to reserve in advance to visit it. The most important aspect of Brno are the PEOPLE: like everywhere else in Moravia, they are open and friendly and keen to meet new people including foreigners."

Hotels & Restaurants

We would recommend hotel Ricc and hotel Best Western International cosy rooms and friendly staff. As for the restaurants, it would be Il Mercato top Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting, where prices are high for Brno but reasonable if you come from Western Europe. If you can get a good deal, try hotel Grandezza which is stunning.