Czech Republic, Bořetice

Folklore feast in BořeticeSince its establishing, the Alvey Manex company has been closely connected with the Southern Moravian village of Bořetice, where its facilities including the production halls are located. Most of our products are manufactured there. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the other less well known features of the village and surrounding area. Whether you come on a business trip to Alvey Manex or privately as tourists, there are many interesting things worth seeing and doing.

Bořetice is a picturesque village with a population of 1300, known mainly for wine making, preserving of folklore traditions and hospitality and is surrounded by over 168 hectares of vineyard covered hills. On the northern edge of the village, directly under the vineyards, there is a location called Kraví hora (the Cow Mountain) with over 250 wine cellars. The unofficial local republic established in 2000 has the same name – it promotes local wines and the village. Bořetice boasts a rich cultural and social life, with the traditional folklore feast held on the first Sunday in August, dances, wine exhibitions, and other events. In 2005, the village won the 1st prize in the national ‘Village of the Year’ competition.

Bořetice offer numerous catering establishments and accommodation for tourists, from family boarding houses to hotels. Bicycle tourism is booming with many local safe roads. The local country is ideal for trips with wine tasting where local wine makers will not only invite you to small tasting sessions but they are also able to organize group events for dozens of people in a stylish environment. 

Chateau in LedniceThere are numerous cultural and natural monuments near Bořetice. The UNESCO protected Lednice-Valtice area, 20 km to the south, is probably the most famous. In Lednice, there is a fairy-tale castle complete with a tropical greenhouse, large natural park with fishponds and a minaret, as well as the artificial romantic ruin ‘Janův hrad’. Valtice and surroundings will enchant you with a castle and numerous historical churches. The historic town of Mikulov can be another trip venue, while the nearby Pálavské vrchy highlands will captivate all nature lovers.

Bořetice and surroundings are ideal for tourism at any time of the year when you will always receive a warm and hospitable welcome.

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Hotels & Restaurants

In Boretice we recommend the Kravi Hora where, if you make a stroll after dinner, you will hear a peace and quiet long thought lost for the older generation, and never experienced for the younger ones. If you want the same quiet in a slightly larger town, stay in Mikulov which is only a 20 minutes drive. It is a stunningly beatiful small town with a spectacular castle where you can make a stroll and dine later on at the Aquarium. In Mikulov, we normally stay in the Galant which is new and has spacious rooms, many with a large balcony, or stay in the small but very pleasant Temple hotel which is in the old Jewish area. The food there is also excellent and some rooms have access to a rear garden.