System for sorting, storage and palletisation

The project for a leading European beauty products manufacturer included automation of storing and sorting of parcels from the order preparation area, in order to arrange them on full pallets according to their destination.




Boxes and containers with cosmetics products


Min. size: 240 x 220 x 110 mm
Max. size: 600 x 400 x 400 mm
Max. weight: 15 kg


The installation is sized to handle 800 parcels per hour in and out.




2x 8 hours according to the period - 6 days a week.


  • Overview

Operating principle

The installation is composed of 2 subsets:

  • The conveying
  • The storage

A network of accumulation conveyors without contact transports the packages to the storage zone. A light pen identifies the boxes to sort them in 2 ways, depending on their size. Afterwards, they are separated one by one and identified when loaded up on the stock entrance transtocker.

The storage is constituted of dynamic ramps (2 different widths) served by an entrance transtocker and an evacuation transtocker.

The entrance transtocker is equiped with 2 conveyors: one is for the small width boxes and the other is reserved for bigger sizes.

The transtocker for evacuation is also fitted with 2 conveyors collecting parcels from 2 different destinations.

The stock way out is on 2 parallel lines providing the feeding of the palletising zone.