Cosmetics & pharma

This is a key segment for us where we have a few, but long standing customers. Yet again gentle handling is critical, as few customers would buy this premium product with damaged packaging. Due to the high value of the product, accuracy is another key factor. We have a number of handling, palletising and sorting systems including temporary storage using our miniload stacker cranes.


  • Clarins
  • Gols Mediterranée
  • Pfizer

Case Studies

Order picking system for boxes with cosmetics

This installation makes it possible to ensure the preparation of orders to a network of cosmetics businesses, which are shipped immediately.


System for sorting, storage and palletisation

The project for a leading European beauty products manufacturer included automation of storing and sorting of parcels from the order preparation...


Collection and centralised palletisation of boxes

This project goal was to collect the products on their way out of the packaging lines and convey them to a gathering zone for automatic palletisation.