Depalletisation and palletisation of kegs

The complete keg depalletising and palletising line for a leading Czech brewery running at the high throughput of up to 1,200 kegs per hour.



Stainless or polyurethane beer kegs


50 l, 30 l and 15 l kegs


1,200 kegs per hour


1200 x 800 mm Euro pallets




  • Overview

High throughput requirements of up to 1.200 kegs per hour made this project an ideal opportunity to use our well-tried special keg palletisers. These machines are equipped with a gripping head, which transfers a whole layer of 6 kegs at a time.

Palletisers are supplemented by a full pallet destacker and stacker, which dismantle stacked full pallets to the individual pallets with kegs and vice versa. At the full pallet output after the stacker, the transport system is specially designed to enable a forklift truck to take 8 full pallets at a time. The scope of supply also included a complete keg and pallet transport system, keg washer, decapper, capper, pallet inspector and other devices providing additional operations.

The whole line is fully automatic, runs non-stop and belongs to the world´s top performers. One of the largest world brewery groups rated the Scott depalletising and palletising line as one of its most efficient.

Supplied equipment

  • Special palletiser with a gripping head
  • Special depaletiser with a gripping head
  • Keg conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Full pallet stacker and destacker
  • Empty pallet stacker
  • Empty pallet inspector
  • Keg turner
  • Keg capper
  • Keg decapper
  • Keg ink-jet print washer