Bakery & flour products

We palletise 1 kg individual packs at 80 packs a minute and 12-packs with the same machine. Or we use robots for bigger bags in a number of installations in multiple countries.


  • Brioche Pasquier
  • Harrys
  • Chateau Blanc
  • Panavi
  • Dailycer
  • Penam
  • Délifrance
  • Puratos
  • Gourmand
  • Vandemoortele

Case Studies

High infeed and robot palletisation of flour products

Fully automatic end of line palletising system for various types of flour packs and bags. Smaller packs and multipacks are handled by a conventional...


Multi-line palletising system for frozen bakery products

Palletising of products from 4 production lines is performed by one multi-line palletiser. Frozen products are accumulated on buffer tables in a...


Robotic end-of-line palletising system for cases

Two robots handling carton cases of bakery products from 2 production lines.


Fully automatic multi-line palletising system for bakery products

Scott designed and built a fully automatic palletising system for a renowned viennoiserie producer in Flanders, Belgium. One of the main challenges...


Europe’s leading Private Label Cereal manufacturer chooses Scott Europe for multi-million multi-phase expansion project

Scott have been busy over the last 4 years working in close collaboration with a large Cereal and Cereal bar manufacturer in Northern France.