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Let our customers speak about their experience in cooperating with us. Their satisfaction means a big reward to us and also a commitment for the future ...

Mr. Thierry Bodenhorst from the company Doyen Auto

'The Alvey teams qualities that can be highlighted are the ability to listen and to advise the customer, professionalism ...'

Doyen AutoOur collaboration approaches 15 years. 

As a distributor we must, amongst others, prepare every day thousands of packages which contain various pieces destined for the automotive spare parts market. And this, in a really short period of time. In order to do this for our warehouse of Seneffe (Belgium), a complete system permitting the parcels conveying has been carried out by ALVEY in 1997. It is made up of an automated launching station, automatic case erectors, package expulsion stations (made for their filling), a weight control and automatic case sealers. And the whole system is correctly interfaced with our WMS.

This installation has already been extended and up-graded several times and, a second installation has also been set up in our warehouse in Toulouse (France).

The Alvey teams qualities that can be highlighted are:

  • the ability to listen and to advise the customer
  • excellent project management and execution of planning due to their professionalism
  • a considerable reactivity at every stage of the project. Both during the study and the realization to the end

As for us, we consider the Alvey team as a favoured partner who will help us to take up challenges in the future.

Mr. Luc Rosseel from the company De Oesterbank

'Both projects fully comply with the demands and are judged to be best practice by governmental services which concern themselves with the fate of handicapped employees.' 

Luc RossselCan you in short describe the automation process(es) that you realised with Alvey?

  • Collection automate: working out a working methodology in which collection orders consisting of a complex combination of various raw materials, in limited average series, are delivered ‘just in time’. This by people that have a certain distance to the labour market such as: sitting work, ergonomic attention, … Qualitative capacity up to 5,000 collection orders per day.
  • Pick to light warehouse: simplifying the functioning of the warehouse at the level of people with limited capabilities and with a minimum deployment of personnel. The system is linked with the central ERP-software and is used for the supply of the polyvalent assembly workshops.

What was the scheme?

  • Tuning into the demand of customers to carry out within a very short delivery time a maximum of perfectly executed collection orders while offering the opportunity of employment to a handicapped workforce (both physically and mentally).
    Organising the supply for a flexible assembly workshop, which capitalises on a changing market, namely short, repetitive orders instead of long-lasting orders.

What was the objective?

  • Capacity of 5000 collection orders in 8 working hours, with a very short delivery term and the deployment of a group of handicapped employees with limited employment prospects.
  • The supply of a flexible assembly workshop where approximately 80 employees are deployed, distributed over 7 assembly lines. It must be able to realise a change in order within 15 minutes.

How did the project work out?

  • Both projects are collectively worked out by a working group of Oesterbank together with technicians from Alvey. Starting from the production objectives, and moreover with employees that are difficult to deploy. First various vague subjects were presented for research, to finally develop a final design.

What is your experience?

  • Both projects fully comply with the demands and are judged to be ‘best practice’ by governmental services that concern themselves with the employment and social wellbeing of handicapped employees.

What convinced you to choose Alvey as partner?

  • The way in which it worked: mutual contribution in which Alvey can appeal on wide experience.

What are the aspects that can be improved with possible projects in the future?

  • The better the project is described, the more precise the planning can be made up. Last minute changes are deadly for a planning. In view of the fact that this was no standard design, we did implement ‘last minute’ changes, which originated a slight delay.

What is the most important aspect that extremely satisfied you?

  • The mutual quest and the contribution of both parties. There was also the possibility to implement on a technical level our own experience and/or possibilities.

Would you recommend Alvey to other companies?

  • Yes.



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