Careful automatic depalletisation of empty containers like cans and bottles requires special expertise. Our systems achieve zero bottle breakage even at our highest capacities of up to 50.000 bottles per hour. Alvey offers both high-level and low-level outfeed machine designs to meet various project requirements.

High outfeed depalletisers

High outfeed depalletiserThese highly effective machines are designed for depalletising new glass bottles and cans. Their universal design makes them suitable for all types of bottles and ensures zero bottle breakage rate.

The product outfeed is placed at higher level above 2.000 mm, vertical movement of the pallet unit is carried out by a pallet elevator. The capacity reaches up to 300 layers, e.g. 50.000 bottles per hour.


  • High capacity while maintaining careful handling of containers
  • Integrated interlayer sheet remover with storage magazine
  • Also suitable for depalletising of lightweight bottles without damage
  • Robust construction ensuring maximum stiffness and long service life

Low outfeed depalletisers

Low outfeed depalletiserLow outfeed solutions are suitable where the speed requirements are medium or lower and the outfeed of containers is preferred at the standard service level of about 1,000 mm.

These two-column concept machines are designed for depalletising of new bottles or cans. Complete layers of containers are withdrawn from pallet on the transfer table with vertical movement. Maximum capacity of up to 150 layers, e.g. 25.000 bottles per hour.


  • Compact machine footprint
  • Output of containers in any height from 600 mm above floor
  • Integrated interlayer sheet remover with storage magazine
  • Careful handling of containers
  • Simple changeover between different pallet sizes



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