Do you make shopping at Click & Collect shops?

Do you make shopping at Click & Collect shops?


2015/05: Alvey in distribution

Maarten van Leeuwen

Distribution – a humble word covering a vast field of activities.  Newspapers are in distribution, trucks are in distribution, ocean going vessels are in distribution – and Alvey is in distribution. What we do there?

Customers go on the Internet for their weekly shopping and drive to a – Drive – (sorry but it IS the name for this in France). They announce themselves and out comes an employee of Leclerc running with shopping bags. The employee puts the bags in the trunk, and off the customer goes. He has been there for, what, 3 minutes? What was just described is an Alvey solution. Alvey designed the overall architecture of the system, and provided most of the hardware and software. Our Maestro+ software, which is very much the heart of the system, together with our miniloads.

EPC is one of the most modern – and ecological - printers in the world. Activity commences when most of us start thinking about a nightcap, or have already turned in for the night. At EPC real life only begins, and newspapers are printed, bundled edition-by-edition and palletised in the right number of bundles per destination. Couriers are waiting for TV screens to announce their goods, in many cases much less than a full pallet. The couriers can’t wait: they have to connect to a nationwide distribution system delivering to thousands of newspaper shops and stalls  throughout the country. Alvey has designed and installed the logistics end of this solution, in this case using Maestro+ and a number of palletizers.

When you buy something online from Datart (which is a good idea) your delivery has been prepared and handled over an Alvey system. Did you know we take a picture of the contents of every single box before it is closed? This picture is kept on file, just in case someone proves not to be as honest as you or me.

Frozen chicken, spare parts for cars, spare parts for motorbikes, electric and electronic devices, hams and salamis, gyroscopes for the defense industry, office and school articles, SEW drives, and there is more, much more, all run over Alvey systems. Each of these products and each of these industries have their specific needs and issues. This is a challenge, of course. But it is also fun, to be very honest. 

The combination of challenge and fun is a very good thing to keep our talented people busy and (mostly) happy, this year already 50 years. Many have since retired, but every year many young talented individuals join our fascinating world. Our world, your world. Our people, that is what Alvey consists of. All of us ready to assist you to adapt in our ever improving, but competitive world.

Maarten van Leeuwen
Group Managing Director

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Do you make shopping at Click & Collect shops?

Do you make shopping at Click & Collect shops?




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