Corporate principles

  • Maarten van LeeuwenSafety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and subcontractors are our prime concern.
  • Customer satisfaction is not our aim. Our customers should be delighted.
  • Our aim is to be and to remain “best in class” provider of Industrial Systems and Services. For this, we must continuously improve and therefore continuously change. We are in this business to stay and subsequently we focus on long term and continuous improvements and long term Research and Development.
  • Our people are our single most important asset. We strive to recruit only the very best in terms of talent, attitude, ethics and customer service orientation.  We are, of course, a 100% equal opportunity company.
  • We strive for a high level of ethics. We say what we do and we do what we say. We admit to mistakes and correct them. We do not knowingly communicate internally or externally something we do not believe is true. This does not mean we have to enter into self-incrimination.
  • We communicate on a need to know basis only both internally and especially externally. This applies in particular to sensitive proprietary customer data.
  • Conflicts, internal or external, are unavoidable and are an opportunity to improve our system. We resolve conflicts by open and frank discussions, guided by trying to understand the others’ point of view and endeavoring to be fair. Fairness to the other, but also fairness to ourselves.
  • We do not award business or select a component or solution on the basis of price. Instead, we focus on minimizing total cost. We strive for a single supplier for any one item, on a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust.
  • We improve constantly and forever the system of sales, engineering, production and services, to improve quality and productivity, and thus constantly decrease costs.
  • All our employees receive a minimum of three days internal and/or external training each year.
  • All our employees are highly talented and skilled adults who are in no need of supervision. Our Managers are LEADERS who bring the team together, ensure the team understands the objectives and has the necessary tools, infrastructure and training to achieve them.
  • We will never fire anybody because we have made progress in efficiency or because we have made improvements of any nature.
  • Departments are a necessary organizational evil. People in research, engineering, sales, production, assembly and field must work as a team, to foresee problems that may be encountered with the project or service. We see our colleagues as our internal customers. Excellent internal customer service is a necessary and essential precursor for excellent external customer service.
  • Problems, mistakes and defects are never caused by individuals but by our company as a whole, and must be seen as an opportunity to improve our system. Therefore problems should not be hidden or covered up but brought to the light so we can improve.
  • Variable pay, bonuses and merit increases are based on team and company performance rather than individual achievements. We will reward actions and initiatives that improve the system.
  • Pride of workmanship and pride of our realizations is the key motivating factor for all. We do not do “our best” – we do our jobs professionally.
  • All our activities are standardized and documented into procedures to which we all adhere. Eradicate the word “NORMALLY” from our company and our company vocabulary. We do things in a certain way, or not at all.
  • We need to make money to survive but making money is not our sole objective. Within the limits of our possibilities we have a social responsibility to people and organizations in need.
  • The future of our company and therefore its continuous improvement is a task for everybody in our company.



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