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With roots in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and – ultimately – in the USA, Alvey has existed in one form or another for over 50 years.

Recent developments

Alvey was acquired by SCOTT in 2018.However, as we do not have a time machine, what happened in the past is largely irrelevant. What matters is who we are today, and who we want to be tomorrow. Indeed, we have hardly fallen asleep as the following may illustrate:

  • In 2018, Alvey has been acquired by Scott Technology Ltd (SCOTT) of New Zealand (
  • In 2013, we moved to brand new and state of the art premises in the Czech Republic;
  • In 2014, we moved into new offices in Marseille;
  • … and we opened our business in the UK;
  • … and obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 in the Czech Republic;
  • … and obtained VCA certification in Belgium;
  • In 2015 we moved to brand new premises in Belgium;
  • … and became Microsoft Silver Solutions Partner.
  • In the last 12 months, we recruited 15 new highly talented and motivated employees.

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APM: Alvey Production Management

Alvey Production Management bookletHowever, these are just milestones, not accomplishments. We believe nothing is ever accomplished. The world is in constant motion, and so are we. In 2014 we started our own Alvey Production Management “APM” program, which has one goal and one goal alone: continuous improvement. Why?

Quality has always been our number one priority. The first and foremost part of quality being, of course, Safety and Well being of employees, customers, and partners. Quality however, is not enough.

One glance at our references will tell you that our customers are top players in their respective fields. All of them are under tremendous and relentless pressure to improve. Improving quality, packaging, costs, shareholder returns all the way to reducing energy footprint are but a few examples among many others. From this, it naturally follows that only suppliers endeavouring their utmost to constantly and forever improve may hope to stay in business. And we at Alvey DO have every intention to stay in business.

Alvey Production Management trainingThe APM program is a formal program applying lessons learned from Lean Manufacturing from Deming and Goldratt among others. We have adapted these principles for our business, which is largely the project business. The essentials of APM are continuous improvement, focus on excellent people, training and certification, and focus on throughput – all these as opposed to focus on costs or project margins as percentages. The APM program includes a formal certification program for all Managers, combined with an introductory training for every single employee. 80% of our employees have already received this training. Needless to say that this training will continue on an on-going basis.

New Products and Services

Alvey Manex showroom in PodivínAll this may be very well, but what about our products and services? Also on this front we’re moving. However, what we bring onto the market usually is both mission-critical for the customer AND has to run 24/7 for the bulk of the year. We therefore need to perform thorough duration test of all new solutions before bringing them onto the market. As a result of this, new product development of necessity go at a more prudent pace than many of our other developments. However, we have introduced a number of exciting solutions and are working on many others. We have developed a lot of new products such as new tools for our robots palletisers, a new range pallet of conveyors, new functionality for our Maestro+, a new slat divider, just to name a few.

University Collaboration

Alvey has close links with the Technical University of Brno as well as with the Hogeschool in Gent in Belgium and in France with EPITA and EPITECH and EPSI.  What we do together? Primarily, not working on products, but developing talent. Alvey provides internships for students and tailor-made programs for students who need or wish to combine study with work. Alvey has at this moment 7 students active in various programs. In addition, Alvey Managers give occasional lectures on various topics.



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