We are very proud to count Volvo - manufacturer of one of the best cars in the world - as our customer. We have automated internal transport of semi-finished cars and car parts in their Gent factory and we provide service and maintenance. In addition, we have installed a number of systems for MC Syncro, where our hardware and Maestro + software ensures “just in time” delivery of tire wheel assemblies in Belgium and Hungary.


  • Deldo
  • Doyen Auto
  • MC Syncro
  • Volvo

Case Studies

Order picking system for car spare parts

In a first phase, the distribution centre in Belgium was built to ensure distribution to the Belgian and French shops. As part of the expansion in southern France, a second distribution centre was built in France.


Storage and despatch system for wheels

Alvey has built a system for car wheel delivery (Just In Time) from the wheel assembly plant to the final car manufacturer factory.




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